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Size Guide

Looking for Love?  How to find your perfect T&S fit

The easiest way to find your size is simply by measuring, get started by putting on your best fitting non-padded bra.
Bust: Stand up straight and measure loosely around the fullest part of your bust keeping the tape parallel across your back.
Underbust: Just underneath your boobs, measure snugly around your ribcage, keeping the tape parallel across your back.
Waist: At the smallest point of your waist measure loosely keeping the tape parallel across your back.
Hip: At the Fullest part of your hip and butt, measure loosely keeping the tape parallel around the front of your body.

Bra Sizing:

Hey Sister Sister! There's a trick to finding similar bra-sizing with sister sizing. Sister bras have the same bra cup capacity even though they are different sizes. Your girls might be happier with sister sizing than your actual measured size depending on the type of bra and the shape of your breasts.  For more details on sister sizing visit

Bralette, Bodysuit, and Sleepwear Sizing:

Hey babe, concerned about bodysuit sizing? We suggest sizing up for lingerie lovers with longer torsos. 
Unsure about your size? Email us at with any sizing/product questions. We are happy to help you find the right fit!

Why can’t I find my size?
We are a tiny company and don't have the capability to make the entire bra size range just yet. A great deal of time and investment goes into perfecting and engineering each and every size. We want to make sure that all sizes fit perfectly when we do expand our size range.

It is our long term goal to grow the size offering. We are working towards that goal, but it's going to take us a little time. Thank you for your patience
Why does it take so long to grow your size range?
Our story started when our founder decided to quit her full-time job and take a chance designing her own line of lingerie. She did this without any deep-pocketed investors so she started with a handful of sizes and we've been working to grow that since. Each and every size is an investment when factories have high minimums. We're growing every aspect of the business as fast as we can with the limited resources we have.  

Every order we place for inventory going forward will have XL as a standard size as well as a few new bra sizes that we've added to our core range. In addition to this, we've launched 38 bands and E cups on select best sellers. Due to our design team being only two women strong and having to work 1.5-2 years out due to the production timeline, size expansions take longer than we'd like. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please email us at 

How are Thistle & Spire products made?
In order to provide beautiful and obtainable products we work with a small handful of high quality lingerie factories in China. These factories are all complaint with local health and safety laws to promote healthy working conditions. In addition our Head Designer and Founder personally visits and inspects every factory we work with in order to meet the workers, and evaluate the suitability of the factory work environment. It is very important to us as a company to provide the best product that we can, in addition to providing a safe and comfortable environment for the people who manufacture these garments.



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